Castrum Sec Ltd. has become a leading company in the field of planning, implementation and operation of weak current systems due to the quality and professional approach the company represents.

We deal with complex systems and their installation: from planning through implementation to system operation, we provide a full range of services for all our customers.

Amongst the weak current systems, we deal with fire alarm systems, IP and analog camera systems, intelligent accident prevention and traffic detection systems, intrusion alarm systems, information and telecommunication systems, planning and installation of TV head-end and networks.

The intelligent accident prevention and traffic detection systems as well as the facial recognition and customer analytics solutions are recognised as novelties in this field and are able to manage multiple tasks all at the same time.

We are proud to be professional and well-organised in our quality work management as reflected in our references.

Our customers are primarily large companies – motorway constructors, industrial companies – as well as companies from the hotel industry, municipal organisations and companies from the public sector.

Non the less a growing number of representatives of the SME sector can be found amongst our partners.

Our primary target market is the region; however it is one of our short term goals to approach the public and economic actors of Budapest and the urban agglomeration nearby as well.

Weak current systems, as intelligent solutions requiring complex and long-term planning are playing an increasingly significant role in the design of modern architecture.

The matter of design and aesthetic are becoming more and more relevant which is a very important aspect during the planning and implementation of the solutions.
Beyond the security technique, we are also present in the field of marketing with the most developed and up-to-date and intelligent solutions.

As an example, facial recognition system – – has been developed as a result of the latest development through its numerous application parameters. It can be applied on several fields - counting the number of visitors, age definition, customer route planning. By interpreting the measurements taken and through its statistics, the end user has the opportunity to take serious steps towards the development of their customer marketing.

Through its professional work management and by having up-to-date information on the latest innovations, Castrum Sec Ltd. is showing the way to be followed by its partners and customers.

Quality has its price, which represents an investment in the present; however it provides a return and visible savings as well as opportunities on a wider scale for all of us.

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