Széchenyi Pályázat 2020

About Us

Our core values, developed over the past two decades, are continuous improvement, professionalism and high quality. We have always striven to follow the innovations and trends emerging in the sector, and to apply the technical innovations in our daily work. Thanks to our approach, Castrum Sec is now a regional market leader in the sector.

We work with dedication, professionalism and in an organized way. We believe that the long-term survival of a company lies in the commitment of the owners and the management to high quality, correct relations and continuous improvement Improvement in our opinion does not mean continuous growth, but efforts to be efficient, correct and modern.

Low-voltage systems are playing an increasingly important role in the design of today's modern architecture as intelligent solutions that require complex, forward-thinking design. In these works, design and aesthetics come to the forefront even more, which is why we consider both aspects important when designing and implementing solutions.

Our clients are mainly in the large enterprise sector, but we have also worked with numerous partners in the SME segment. We hope that soon we can convince you personally too that working with us is not only a technological issue, but also a trust-based business!

Our services:
We don't just make promises, and we don't stop at the implementation of low-current systems.
We provide a full service, taking care of all tasks starting from the entire design process, through implementation to operation and monitoring.

We build the systems from quality components, with great care and expertise, and by meeting deadlines on time, so that as a client you can enjoy a system that completely fits your needs for many years to come.

In which fields to count on us?

- Fire alarm systems
- Video surveillance systems
- Access control systems
- Intrusion detection systems
- Building sound systems
- IT solutions, information technology and telecommunications systems