2014.11.25.EGIS Pharmaceuticals PLC Körmend Plant, northern fence, the configuration of the perimeter protection system

EGIS: The activities of the leading pharmaceutical company of Hungary and furthermore of Central-Eastern Europe cover the fields from generic- and original research and development to agent- and ready-made medicine production, as well as distribution and sales of products.

The key of their competitiveness is innovation, which plays an important role in their emphasized focus even on the regional level.

We have delivered a perimeter protection solution to the Körmend plant of EGIS on behalf of Tender Kft, who was the prime contractor. This process was in accordance with the construction of the newly established fence. The works of this project started in the middle of July, 2014.

The perimeter protection system was established with the application of the OPTEX professional outdoor infra barriers. The system can be expanded in the future.
The installation was already achieved at the end of August, the security and safety personnel of EGIS took over the new system and the live use was initiated right away.

Castrum Sec Team

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